2011 Maine Boat Builders Show

Portland The waterfront here was again host to one of the more unique boats shows in New England. At the Maine Boat Builders Show visitors can see boats that range from meticulously crafted authentic Native American birch bark canoes to row boats to classic wood and fiberglass daysailers right on through to motor yachts.

The show is held in the sprawling Portland Yacht Services facility on Fore St. Attendance was good all three days and the show the manager reported that exhibitors sold 23 boats at the 3 day show.

All kinds of things marine were on exhibit and for sale mast hoops, antique bronze hardware, new bronze, marine hand tools, out of & in print books, photographs, boat wood stoves, electronics, new hardware, propellers and propeller tuners (Yes, they need tuning), and tarred rope about covers the beginning of the list.

Again the food is worth mentioning - a lot of choices, good quality and decent prices.
Maine has a long tradition of boat building. There was an ocean going vessel built here before the pilgrims even thought about borrowing the money for their trip from England to Plymouth rock. In fact, there was an exhibit regarding that ship and the effort underway to recreate the Virginia, built at Popham Beach in 1607.


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