Now Vertical Lines

Vertical Rope Issues Snag Lobster Industry

by Laurie Schreiber

View across the pack off the line at Stonington, July, 10, 2011. This was the wooden lobster boat race with Misty, of Vinalhaven in the foreground, Sari Ann, Vance Bunker of Matinicus right, Stonington's race organizer Nick Wiberg’s boat Miss Katie with flags center, and Rich Rewards in the background. Stonington had good weather, good races, a good crowd and a good time. ©Photo by Sam Murfitt

It’s been two years since the lobster industry made the switch from floating to sinking groundline to reduce entanglement risks to endangered large whales.

Now the federal government is getting ready to address the plethora of vertical lines that link lobster traps on the ocean bottom to buoys on the water’s surface, and which, the government said, also pose a danger to large whales.


2011 Maine Lobster Boat Racing Schedule




©Photo by Sam Murfitt