On the Sales Floor at Brooks Trap Mill, Thomaston, Maine

(l to r) Steve Brooks, his sister Julie and brother Mark. ©Photo by Sam Murfitt

“My grandfather started Brooks Mill in 1946, so I’m third generation. It’s myself, Mark, my brother and Julie, my sister who run the business. Actually my father passed away in November so we are the only family left here. My mother still works here. We used to be all wood, completely wood, building wooden traps. But obviously it has evolved into wire. We haven’t built a wood trap for a few years. Wire is where it’s at now and, you know, the trap is still pretty much the same as it used to be as far as heads and how they fish. One difference is that there are a lot of different sizes now – color, everything comes in colors. The good thing is the lobster stock is very healthy. I think it’s as good as it’s every been, so that’s a huge impact for the industry and obviously directly affects Brooks Trap Mill. I think it will be pretty strong for a long time.” — Steve Brooks



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On the Sales Floor at Brooks Trap Mill, Thomaston, Maine

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