Capt. Mark East’s Advice to the Careworn, Confused, Lovelorn and Other Outdoor People

Dear Capt. East,
My husband is a lobserfisherman. Has been for about 20 years after his first career as a brain surgeon where he could no longer handle the stress. I'm an artist and fairly successful. He's always wanting me to go lobstering with him which I do on occasion. However, the one thing that really gets to me is he wants me to paint his buoys. Thinks because I “paint” I should do the buoys. Last winter I did paint a few and painted some scenes on a few. He got really upset. I don't want to paint buoys. It's demeaning.
Demeaned Artist

Dear Demeaned,
I can appreciate your situation. I've worked for owners who thought the captain should work like a boatyard hand when the boat was hauled for maintenance. Tell him that because of your reputation you're going to sign each buoy and charge him accordingly, that because your paintings are valuable the buoys will be worth big dollars when you're gone. Advertise it. Other fisherman will want to cut them off. He'll soon find a neighborhood student to paint his buoys.



Dear Mr. Capitan,
I am here in Rhoad Island from Ecuador on a work visa and working in boat yard three years now. My boss is very heppy with my work as painter. I want to work on mechanical and having hard time making him understand. I like working in this boatyard. Do you have suggestions.
Wrenchs not Brushes

Dear Wrenches,
If you have the same work ethic as many other Central Americans I've known from my time spent in Yards, I'd want to help you learn whatever skill you wanted. Try finding some night classes in a vocational school or online. Complete a few courses, then mention to your boss you're thinking of finding another yard that will appreciate your mechanical desires. I'll bet he gives you a try. Good luck!