Capt. Mark East’s Advice to the Careworn, Confused, Lovelorn and Other Outdoor People

Dear Capt. Mark,
My wife is a fly fishing Tarpon fisherman and like a lot of those who chase these fighting machines she's goes a little crazy when she’s been unable to throw a fly in their direction for a few months. We’re thinking of moving south. She wants to go to southwest Florida, but I like to hunt as well as fish. Would that be a good area?
Guns and Poles

Dear Guns and Poles,
I think Florida would be a good choice. Having lived there and lost two marriages myself over the years due to overchasing fish, wildlife, and bikini clad ladies I will tell you life there can be exhilirating and exhausting. Lately there's been an explosive growth to the boar/pig population which can be hunted year round in several different ways and Tarpon can be pursued all year as well. You'll have a blast.



Dear Mr. Mark,
Jeff, my son, graduated from law school six years ago after my husband and I had worked to pay for his education. He's done nothing but go surfing in Mexico, fishing out west, and skiing in the winter. We thought he'd get a high paying job and help support us in our old age, but he hasn’t even interviewed. We're wondering if we made the right decision.
Discouraged Parents

Dear Discouraged Parents,
Isn’t it strange that the paths we lay out for our children are seldom followed. Perhaps we should take heart in the knowledge we brought them up to think for themselves. Sounds like your son is living the dream many of us who work the daily grind would envy. Take heart, maybe in a few years he'll write a best selling novel and you'll be able to share in the wealth. h