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Senator Dennis Damon reading a resolution of both the Maine House and Senate supporting Area Management for the Gulf of Maine ground fish industry. Although the New England Fisheries Management Council admits the current management system has failed, and has sought alternatives, it has failed to get out of the rut fishermen have declared it to be in. Fishermen's Voice photo
Portland, June 21. Senator Dennis Damon, D. Hancock, presented to the New England Fisheries Management Council a Joint Resolution of the Maine legislature in support of developing Area Management fisheries policies for the Gulf of Maine ground fish industry. The resolution, supported by both House and Senate, and representing the support of 186 Maine legislators, is a bold statement of solidarity. It is a statement from those who represent the entire state of Maine and therefore Maine’s general population supports this action.

The resolution came out of the Marine Resources Committee. It was a result of a collaborative effort. A subcommittee was named that took testimony from various groups. It was then taken to both the House and Senate where it was approved with no opposition.