The Fishermen’s Dilemma

NE Management Declared Disaster

by Laurie Schreiber

Boats tied up in Gloucester. Cuts in groundfish quota that will leave many boats operating at a loss, and the management shift to catch shares,which makes quota salable, is expected to hit major groundfish ports hard. James Acheson wrote, “Top-down management has its problems. You get a single set of rules for the entire range of the stock and even if there are major ecological and economic differences, too bad.” From “The Fish Belong To The People,” Will Hyler Photo

A new study uses the concepts of economic anthropology to understand the failures of New England groundfish management and to craft broad recommendations to correct the situation

“Modeling Disaster: The Failure of Management of the New England Groundfish Industry” is one of the latest papers to come from well-known “lobster commons” expert James Acheson, who has studied the success of Maine lobster fishery management for more than 20 years.

Maine’s lobster fishery, the study says, is well managed and sustainable, thanks largely to the role played by the localized nature of the fishery and the conservation ethic that arises when people know each other and solve problems together.


boats racing
Maine Lobster Boat Racing Schedule 2010
June 19 - Boothbay Harbor
Info: (207) 380-5295
Marshall (207) 380-5892
June 20 - Rockland
Info: (207) 354-8763
July 3 - Moosebec Reach
Beals Island/Jonesport
Info: (207) 598-6681
July 10 - Searsport
Info: (207) 548-6362
July 11 - Stonington
Info: (207) 348-2375
July 24 - Friendship
Info: (207) 832-7807
July 25 - Harpswell
Info: (207) 725-2567
August 14 - Winter Harbor
Info: (207) 963-7139
August 15 - Merritt Bracket Lobster Boat Races, Pemaquid
Info: D. Drisko (207) 677-2432
L. Crane (207) 563-8707
August 22 - Maine Lobster Boat Race, MS Society, Portland
Info: (207) 799-6718


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