Lobster Boat Races in Jonesport


Galen Alley at the helm of Foolish Pleasure hovering just under 75 mph at the Jonesport lobster boat races, July 4th. Alley’s annual effort to top his own speed record has become something of a tradition in his homeport of Jonesport. © Photo by Sam Murfitt


Foolish Pleasure seconds after nearing a record of 75 mph and hitting a swell that sent the boat air born. Foolish Pleasure was thrown up on it’s port beam end before recovering. Galen Alley was thrown against something in the wheelhouse in the incident and taken to a hospital. © Photo by Sam Murfitt


Hey Baby in foreground at Jonesport lobster boat races. © Photo by Sam Murfitt


Kayla Anne and Never Enough at Jonesport. © Photo by Sam Murfitt


Two Woodies. Foolish Pleasure’s ancestor the Lorna R and Little Girls at the Jonesport lobster boat races July 4th. © Photo by Sam Murfitt