A Few Random Facts


• 54 percent of federal benefits went to the bottom fifth of U.S households in 1979.
Today that percentage is 36 percent

• The estimated net worth of Mitt Romney is $190,000,000. The inflation adjusted net worth of George Washington - first U.S. President - $525,000,000.

• Alcohol abuse increases 17 percent for every percent U.S. unemployment increases.

• There was $409,085.56 in loose change was left at U.S. Transportation Safety Administration checkpoints in 2010.

• On 2/5/12 it was made public that email passwords of the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs were hacked. The percentage of ministry offic ials whose passwords were 12345 was 33 percent.

• It is estimated that the population of Japan will shrink to 32 percent by 2060.

• The estimated percentage of Japan’s population that will be out of the workforceby then is 50 percent.

• The age of the average car on American roads is 10.8 years, the highest on record.

• The number of generations it takes mammals to evolve from mouse size to elephant size is estimated at 24,000,000.


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