The Maine Boat Builders Show

Another Exhibit of Great Work, Skills, and Dreams


The Maine Boat Builders Show presented another array of things of interest this year. The regulars were there, of course, with either their prime boat model or their spread of goods with a few things to check out.

New exhibitors displayed interesting items such as an electric motor that drives an old lobster boat, an exceptional 17th century wooden boat built by teenagers, and a small sail boat that gets up out of the water and flies with just the winged tip of its rudder in the water.

The biggest crowds were there on Saturday. The weather was exceptional outside and in. Maine boat builders have had a rough few years. A few are building boats, but not like a decade ago. Innovation continues and it is places like the boat show where these innovations test the market waters.

The Maine’s First Ship organization sponsored a project to have kids build an authentic early 1600's vessel. Last summer students built, with the help of a traditional boat builder, this oak sail/row pinnace. One of the teachers called the project a real leveler. Rather than a couple of stars doing most of the work with all the other kids just watching, the project brought out particular abilities in every kid. They were all able to contribute to the effort she said. Fishermen's Voice Photo


The latest in lighter weight, high efficiency, and low emissions engines were getting a lot of attention at the show. Fishermen's Voice Photo


Since before the Civil War Chase Leavitt has been selling marine supplies a
few blocks from where they were on Saturday at the show. Fishermen's Voice Photo


Students, six pairs, from schools in the region competed to solve an electrical problem at the boat show.
Portland Yacht Services and the Marine Mechanical Institute sponsored the competition to
highlight the need for marine technicians. Fishermen's Voice Photo


The Kirbys of New Bedford, MA. George Jr. IV, left, makes paint the way his ancestors have since they began supplying whaling ships, fishing schooners and yachts at New Bedford in 1846. Fishermen's Voice Photo



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