Help Show a Farmer’s Documentary

Food for Maine’s Future is looking for 100 partners to help us show the new documentary You Wanted to Be a Farmer: A Discussion of Scale on Tuesday, April 17 around Maine and the U.S..
Can you help? Contact Food for Maine’s Future today and be the first to get your town or city listed!

You Wanted to Be a Farmer: A Discussion of Scale, a new documentary by No Umbrella Media and the Sap Pail in association with Food for Maine’s Future, profiles Dan and Judy Brown of Gravelwood Farm in Blue Hill, Maine, and the issues surrounding the lawsuit filed against them by the State of Maine and Maine Department of Agriculture.

The film features “inside-the-barn” interviews with Dan and Judy as well as conversations with their farm patrons. Topics range from the importance of producing food locally to the control over food policy by corporate-influenced government regulatory agencies. You Wanted to Be a Farmer is a revealing bottom-up look at food policy that raises important questions about the need for scale-appropriate regulation for neighbors feeding neighbors.

Food for Maine’s Future will provide:

• DVD of the film

• Discussion questions (from our December 17, 2011community forum in Brewer)

• Copies of Saving Seeds #12 (with a lot of background information on the Local Food & Community Self-Governance Ordinance and the State of Maine lawsuit against farmer Dan Brown)

• A poster template where you can fill in the time and location

You provide:

• A location

• Placement of local press announcements (a sample press release will be included)

• A facilitator for discussion, if desired

An open conference call will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 4 p.m. for more information about the film and why it’s important to spread the word.

To sign up for a showing of You Wanted to Be a Farmer on April 17 please contact Food for Maine's Future at 207-244-0908 or by emailing foodformainesfuture207


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